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Derek Oswald

Derek Oswald

Loan Officer

Derek Oswald is a managing owner of Idaho First Mortgage. As a loan officer he has been in the mortgage industry for nearly 10 years.

During this time, he has worked extensively with each loan product. He prides himself on looking at a borrower’s unique situation, and custom-fitting a loan product that will help them realize their financial goals and dreams.

When working with Derek and his team, clients will experience the value that comes from their combined 30+ years of mortgage lending experience. They want to make sure you are so please with your experience, that you will feel comfortable referring your friends and family once your loan is approved.

Derek is happily married with 4 kids and enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family.

Brady Howell

Brady Howell

Loan Officer Assistant

Born and raised in Idaho Falls I’ve witnessed the growth in our area and increase in home prices. I have four lovely little girls and a lazy english bulldog which keeps me rather busy.

I’ve started my real estate portfolio working on the default servicing end along with selling real estate. I got my start in lending four years ago and haven’t looked back. There is definitely a joy and gratitude in helping consumers become homeowners or purchasing or refinancing additional properties.

Communication is key to this business and that is something I make sure is priority in every transaction.

Caleb Arrave

Caleb Arrave

Inside Sales Agent

Caleb was born and raised in Idaho. Right now, his time and energy are focused on his family and growing in the Mortgage Industry. In his time away from work he enjoys activities that improve his physical and mental well-being, such as spending time with his family, listening to and playing music, outdoor recreational activities, or being in the gym.

Caleb comes from a Construction and Development upbringing, where he spent time as a youth working for the family business start by his father and grandfather. After spending some time away from home at college, he learned how much he wanted to be involved in helping people find financial happiness. This led to him working in the banking industry doing Consumer Lending for a number of years. Eventually he decided to get into the Mortgage world and has been with Idaho First Mortgage learning and growing over the past year. He loves working with people and helping them overcome the fears and challenges that can be associated with achieving the American Dream—owning a home!

Jenny Rasmussen

Jenny Rasmussen

Processor/ Closer

Jenny Rasmussen has been in the mortgage lending and title insurance industry since 2002. She is experienced in several positions that include title search, commercial lending, and mortgage processing and closing.

Jenny has a true passion to help clients have a successful home buying experience which has led to her current mortgage processing and closing position.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her family.

Wendy Hotzel

Wendy Hotzel


Wendy started in the mortgage industry in 1997. During her time in the mortgage industry, she has worked in many roles. She started as a receptionist and quickly moved to processing. She has also worked in closing, and as loan officer assistant.

Because of this wide range of responsibilities, Wendy has a thorough understanding of the mortgage process.

She has worked on the Derek Oswald team since 2015.

Wendy grew up on a farm, and attributes her good work ethic to her time working there as a child.

In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, woodworking, knitting, and painting.

As a grandmother, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She takes a great deal of pride in their accomplishments.

 Wendy brings a warmness that radiates through the entire office at Idaho First Mortgage. 

Jill Suddiqui

Jill Suddiqui

Senior Underwriter

Jill Siddiqui is a Senior Underwriter (Operations Manager) for Idaho First Mortgage. Jill has been in mortgage lending for 13 years and has performed many critical roles in the mortgage lending process.

Her professional background includes Mortgage Leadership roles for Credit Unions, Banks, and Mortgage Companies.

Jill has a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Mathematics from Idaho State University. She prides herself in being a master problem solver who is easily able to see the big picture of how to effectively close loans.

Jill was born in Idaho and raised in Wyoming. When Jill is not collaborating with her team, she enjoys reading books and traveling with her husband and two young boys.