If you are looking for a mortgage lender in Idaho Falls – or its surrounding areas – look no further than Idaho First Mortgage.

At Idaho First Mortgage we pride ourselves with providing a seamless mortgage transaction for our clients.

With all of the stress associated with buying a home, we don’t want the loan process to be one of the things you have to worry about.

When you work with our team, you will have the confidence not only that your loan will get done, but that it will done on time or even early!

Our Staff at Idaho First Mortgage

One of the advantages you will find when working with us is our in-house staff and local expertise.

We have all of the loan staff we need on our dedicated team to take your loan from start to finish. This means your loan won’t depend on an off-site staff to make sure it gets done.

When working with local realtors, we find that this benefit is something that has really set us apart from other mortgage companies in Idaho Falls.

This helps your realtor focus less about the loans and more about you as the buyer.  

Each loan officer has their own loan officer assistant – who makes sure the loan moves from start to finish efficiently and quickly.

Each loan officer has their own dedicated processor. The processor is the operation staff member who works with your file to make sure all the paperwork is in order.

On top of the dedicated processor you will have, is the very unique feature of a dedicated underwriter.

It is not uncommon for most mortgage companies to have their underwriters shared by many loan officers.

This means that your loan is just another file waiting in a long line to be looked at by whoever is next.

At Idaho First Mortgage we have a dedicated underwriter that only handles the loans from the loan officers dedicated to our branch.

This is a great benefit for you as the client.

If we have any questions on your file, we can talk directly with your underwriter about it.

You’ll have the confidence that we will watch your loans every step of the way!

Our Technology Sets Us Apart

No only do we have dedicated staff to take care of your fiel, we also have technology that is second-to-none.

Our clients will have the ease and efficiency of technology on their side when it comes to their loan.

Our automated system will allow you to apply, and even receive a mortgage pre-qualification letter from the comfort of your own home.

As your loans works its way through our loan process, you will also be updated every step of the way through our automated emails.

If you are not quite ready to purchase, you can also use our rate-tracker tool to keep updated on where rates are without having to make a phone call.

This technology helps you as the client make more informed decisions when it comes to your mortgage.  

Lowest Mortgage Rates in Idaho Falls

Knowing that rates have a major impact on your payment – and ultimately your financial future – we have teamed with the best lenders to make sure you are offered the best possible interest rate.

We are confident you will not be disappointed with the interest rate you will receive when you work with Idaho First Mortgage.

Part of the reason we are able to offer such low rates is because of our technology.

We have automated our process to the point that we actually need less staff.

That savings gets passed along to you in the form of better rates – which means a lower payment!

This is the gift that keeps on giving every month when it comes time to make your payment.

This lower interest rate will save you thousands of dollars over the term of your loan.

Working with Idaho First Mortgage

Ever step of the way we have our clients’ needs in mind.

Our number one goal and priority is to make sure your home buying process is enjoyable – we want you to think of us next time you need a mortgage.

We look forward to helping with your mortgage and are dedicated to making sure it helps you get one step closer to your financial goals.

We can help clients in any area of Idaho, but specifically work in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Blackfoot, Rexburg, Pocatello and all of the surrounding areas of South East Idaho.